A few days ago I spent a little while adding some new commands.

Now added to AdminMod 1.2:
God <client>
(Gives client godmode)
Noclip <client>
(Gives client noclip)
Tell <client> stuff
This will send a private message to the client a lot like the tell command clients can already use.
This will say it's from the server however, and you can use it without being connected.
Centertell <client> stuff
This will print a message in the center of the specified client's screen. You can use the '|' character to add a line-break.
This is a useless command I just added since there is no other way to tell the version of the mod.
It will print out what version of the mod you're using.
It's a server-command that will probably never be used, I just wanted to add it so it's possible to tell which version you're using without having direct access to the server computer.

Just so

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