JK2Ded 1.02E Release #3 (Server Version)

This version of the jk2 1.02 dedicated server should protect your server from all server-crashes. This version no longer has galaking removed, it is only for protecting your server.  Contact me or post on the forums if you have any problems with it.
File includes patches for the following:

e) [Fixes by Jedi_Pathetique]
-Userinfo crash
-Msgboom / Flooding crash
-Savanna crash / Illegal character bug

previous fixes:
d) [Fixes by aluigi]
-multircon/rcon blocker

official fixes:
-empty connect msg exploit crash
-dedicated console simple tab complete and one-line history

-random server crashes
-ERROR: opStack corrupted in compiled code

DO NOT redistribute this without my permission. All redistributions should be with my permission, and include the readme I've provided in it's original form.