After a lot of time testing, I've determined that my new dedicated server patch for jk21.02 is almost ready for release. I just need to finish up a couple of minor things , but I'll probably be releasing it sometime this week.
When it's ready, I'll upload it to this blog.

JK2Ded 1.02E is my attempt to fix all the big problems with JK2, specifically server crashes. This patch should prevent all crashes that I know of, including Q3Msgboom and forcecrash.
I'm not sure yet if I will release a version with galaking and flooding fixed, but If you host a server and want it, contact me and I'll let you know if/when I've finished it, and email you a copy.
I'm planning to do a Linux version, but it will be quite some time before I start working on it, however if you want the added protection of this patch you might be able to use Wine on it, since the dedicated server isn't anywhere near as CPU intensive as the client.

3/7/2011 19:58:40

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