It's been a long time since I've posted on this blog, but that's because I took a break from modding Jk2 for a while to work on some other stuff.
I'm still working on other projects, but I am now back to JK2 modding.
AdminMod 1.2 already has admin 'SetViewPos' and 'Give' commands which work great.
(Teleporting clients and giving clients stuff.)

I still plan to add a fixed status command and a second motd to a future release, but I'm not sure if 1.2 will have them.

One thing I do plan to add to the 1.2 release is a mute ability which will prevent anyone named (For example) "^g^gMuted" (I'll probably use something else..) will be unable to talk, whisper, or change their name.
The only way for them to become un-muted would be to have the server rename them, or have them actually disconnect and then reconnect.
How soon will it be done? I have no idea. It depends on how much stuff I add.
But it will probably not be too much longer...

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