Version 1.2 of the Admin Mod is now puclicly available.
Since my download counters for this site stopped working, the file is currently only available from my forum.
You can download it here.
New features include:
+Fixed some bugs that allowed clients to bypass the am_nokill and am_nochat variables.
Version 1.3 should be coming soon(ish).
9/18/2009 16:06:35

thank you very much, I'm using this very well, thanks for the work.

4/9/2011 02:52:02

I need a new command and I'd like you to add it to your mod. It would be target <player_id> <target> to fire a map target as the player from witch we specified the ID. Is it possible ? Could you make it or release the source of your admin mod ?
Thank you in advance!


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